Our group of consultants has proven experience developing scalable applications for the enterprise. We have the ability to implement both thin- and rich-clients based around a multi-tiered RESTful webservice.

We have all the resources to design and implement an enterprise-class application from the ground up in record time. We can also help you branch into mobile solutions. Or we can add components to your existing system.

Custom Website Development

We have the resources and expertise to create a performant custom website scalable to millions of users.  We are capable of implementing any enterprise-grade features you can imagine including:

  • Rich-client AJAX-enabled user interfaces.
  • RESTful access to facilitate consumption by mobile devices.
  • Transactional processing.
  • User administration and role-based security.
  • Image and audio processing and filtering.
  • Cron-based background processes.

If you choose to use our online site builder, we can create a custom site template for you, after which you just fill in the content (text and images) through an intuitive point-and-click GUI. 

Contact us to discuss what you have in mind.  As part of this, it would be helpful to have:

  • Examples of existing sites you like and what you like about them.
  • Any pictures, videos, audio, or other media you want to incorporate into the site.
  • The number of pages you envision for the site, and what the function of each page should be.
  • Any specific constraints you have on the site look or overall design.

Website Copywriting & SEO

If turning a phrase is not your thing, leave it to us.  We will proofread and optimize your content for both human and search-engine consumption.  Or we can also write brand-new original content tailored to your goals.  Contact us for details.

Enterprise Web Development

We have extensive expertise developing scalable middleware and backend solutions.  We are fully equipped and able to design and implement:

  • Web Services (REST & SOAP)
  • Rule-based and background processes using Enterprise-Service-Bus technologies.
  • Graphical front-ends using rich-client technologies (both web and smartphone).
  • RDBMS Database Schemas

We rely heavily on best-of-breed opensource frameworks.  This allows us to create a robust solution and to also tailor it to your specific needs.

Website Building & Hosting

Introducing SiteFalcon, our complete website building and hosting solution.  Using this easy website builder:

  • Create your site in minutes using one of over 175 built-in templates (and growing).
  • Easily administer content using a slick online GUI.
  • Register and link a domain.
  • Add email addresses.
  • Customize any existing template in our system through industry-standard CSS and HTML to get the exact look-and-feel you've envisioned.