Finally an easy-to-use developer-centric REST API for getting global city and region data. Easily obtain country, region, and city data for use in your apps!

  • Filter over 115,000 cities by:
    • Name prefix
    • Country
    • Location
    • Minimum population
  • Filter countries by:
    • Currency code
  • Get regions (states/provinces) for a given country.
  • Get cities for a given region.
  • Get all known locales.
  • Get all known currencies.
  • Data updated periodically from
  • Developer-friendly RESTful API adheres to industry best-practices, including HATEOS-style links to facilitate paging results. 
  • Backed by Amazon AWS load-balanced infrastructure for resiliency and performance!

Use Cases

  • Autocomplete user input for city, region, and country fields.
  • Populate select lists of country regions and region cities.
  • Present correct currencies based on user's current or selected locale.


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